High Summer

TulipTableau3CreditHummingbirds at the feeder.  Sunflowers and hanging baskets at the supermarket.  Berries and tomatoes and rum drinks with umbrellas (or maybe margaritas, it’s a toss-up). Long days, barbeques, flip-flops and fireworks. Swimming and sailboats and float boards.  The green green grass between your toes.  Fireflies. Shakespeare in the park and outdoor concerts!  What says summer to you?

What’s your soundtrack?  There’s the classic Summertime with Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.  Doesn’t get any better than that! and Summer in the City. It’s here, #40 in The Ultimate Summer Playlist. And here’s another summer playlist from Rolling Stone.

Summer isn’t subtle and it’s easy to feel the energy and see the signs of High Summer. It’s the High Noon of the year and there will never be more light or more heat. We’re anchored in our bodies and reveling in the sunshine. Kids are on vacation, outside their school routines and they get to try new things and play new games. Everything is in full bloom and for lots of us it’s hot, hot, hot. Feel the heat, soak up the light, and celebrate!