Happy New Year

Ginny here. As I write my first entry, it’s New Year’s Day 2014. It’s also the day of the new moon. How appropriate for beginnings! This newborn called Sacred Return is embarking on a life that’s all about celebration, ritual, tradition and there are so many traditions that go with this day. We pop the champagne and toast the new year, sending good will into the universe.

We make lots of noise to ring in the year and chase the old year away, along with any bad spirits that may be hanging around. The baby with the banner takes the place of the old man with the sickle. In Scotland, where New Years is Hogmanay, we first foot our family, friends and neighbors so that good wishes enter the house before anything else!

We also think of resolutions today—of the shoulda, coulda, woulda things that we’d like to accomplish or correct in the coming year. Well, I’ve shared with you about the Tarot retreat last summer where the seed of the Sacred Return workshops was planted. Now I want to share a book I read last year that changed the way I approach everything…literally…everything. Jessica read it first and it’s informed our planning of this labor of love called Sacred Return.

The book is called Three Simple Steps and the author is Trevor G. Blake. Resolutions are about intention—I intend to change something or do something. But think about this: resolutions tend to come from a place of lack, from our disappointments or complaints. Trevor talks brilliantly about always stating what you are for, rather than what you are against. Then you are working with positive rather than negative energy. There’s more to it, obviously, and I urge you to read this life changing book—there really are three simple steps and they can make all the difference for a happy and prosperous new year. Check out Trevor’s New Year’s blog about living fearlessly and setting intentions for the things you really want to do.

Sacred Return is an adventure that’s beginning now. We look forward to sharing it with you as we celebrate the seasons of 2014. Happy New Year!