Spring Equinox

800px-North_seasonEarth Seasons courtesy of Tauʻolunga.

Ginny here. Last Thursday day and night were equal, a perfect balance between light and dark. The Vernal Equinox is the hinge of the year that opens the door to spring festivities all over the world. It’s celebrated everywhere because it’s about the planet and our journey around the sun—no escaping that!

At Sacred Return, we skipped presenting a workshop for Awakening Spring because there’s a big, (and red) announcement coming this week about a project we’re immersed in that has knocked our socks off! You’ll be throwing your socks to the wind too, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, Jessica and I are celebrating Awakening Spring at home and online. Last Thursday, we attended an online meditation hosted by David Ison & Julie Krull called Rising of the Spirit. We loved it (enough that we both wished it lasted longer) and you might want to check it out and participate next time.

Then Thursday evening, we created a cozy ritual for ourselves. SpringAltarEver try the tradition of balancing an egg on end on the first day of spring?

A quick Spring Equinox query yields pictures of contemporary celebrations in Afganistan, India, Lithuania, Ireland, China, Japan, Mexico, Egypt, Finalnd, Indonesia, on and on. Some of them commemorate ancient celebrations and have been revived as history. Some never left.

There are so many fascinating and colorful celebrations but this year one image has stayed with me: the Moonstruck Hare. You can see in the pic above that we included her on our Equinox altar Thursday evening.

It’s the Easter Bunny of course, and the March Hare, the hare that mates in spring, the “boxing” female hare who runs her suitor a merry mating chase under the full moon. There’s so much mythology surrounding the Hare, who is and has always been a symbol of springtime fertility and regeneration. If you’re interested in going deeper into this myth, check out The Leaping Hare, by George Ewart Evans  and David Thomson.


My favorite part of this whole hare-y subject is the pictures! So I collected some.

The images of that mad March Hare, dancing, courting,mesmerized by the full moon, has struck the fancy, invited the lunacy, of people for centuries. She’s playful and magical, lusty and enticing, creative and fertile. Doesn’t she make you feel like……Spring?

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