Ginny here. Na-CESS-are-ees. “I’ve gotta have that!” Jess and I began to talk about them when we saw the Han Solo Carbonite iPhone 5 Case posted on George Takai’s Facebook page. His comment was something like, “Shut up and take my money!” That’s the spirit of necessaries!

41m5Dvy7ZgLSometimes you’ve just gotta go for it without overthinking. We all have them, things you just don’t pass up. They can be small, spur of the moment things or they can become collections that we curate for years. Jess admits to Bellmira Herbaflor Herbal Bath (camomile, of course!) and Earl Grey De La Créme from Wonderland Tea. She’s also a sucker for used books. I know because sometimes we have to wrestle over a single $1.50 copy of a book by Charles de Lint or Simon Green or Diana Gabaldon.

BOOKSI never met a junque boutique (that’s giftier than junk shop) I didn’t like, for tarot images, ghost stories, scarves, teapots and all things Halloween. It could be worse and really strain the budget (not that it hasn’t). Could be designer shoes. Could be vintage luggage. Could be caviar and truffles.

If you’re a 30 Rock fan you can probably hear Liz Lemon saying, “I want to go to there.” Point and click and celebrate! Her must haves have made us laugh at ourselves through seven TV seasons.

Seasonal traditions and holidays give us some of the best opportunities to indulge in necessaries! Right now there’s a world of bunnies and chickens and eggs in whatever kind of chocolate makes you happy. More Star Wars? No problem.

51R8do3ATfLBaskets carry eggs in spring, sunflowers in summer, sheaves of wheat in autumn and golden orbs in winter. Yeah, that’s a palm tree on a sequined egg. I want to go to there.

I’m an Android (just a rumor!) so Han won’t fit my unfortunate phone, but that’s okay. I have the Queen Padmé Amidala cup from Taco Bell.

41UsNUw5YWLWhat are YOUR necessaries? Chocolate truffle hearts? A spicy coffee blend in the fall? Ambrosia at Thanksgiving? Sparklers for New Years? Trail mix with M&Ms for watching the August Perseid showers? Beach glass in that hard to find blue? Wassail in December? Matchbooks with place names? Old photographs or diaries? Jewelry with cats on it? Buttons or beads? Found lucky coins? Edged weapons?

Hmmm, Precious? Do tell…

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