Many Thanks

The response to Sacred Return has been astounding. Every time we have shared our vision for reconnecting with celebration and ritual throughout the year, friends and colleagues have encouraged us: “What a great idea!”, “I’d love to have that experience.”, “Brilliant!”, “Be sure to let me know when!”, and some of that encouragement has come in very tangible contributions to the process!

Marissa McGrath & Sara HolodnickMost widely known for the Sin & Gin Tour, the multi-talented historians, tour guides, performers and  reenactors Sara Holodnick and Marissa McGrath focus specifically on the history of women in Bellingham, and their important role in building this town. They are particularly interested in giving voice to those women who lived outside of what many considered proper “society,” and exploring their unique stories. Marissa and Sara began the Good Time Girls guided historical walking tours in 2011. Their new gift and souvenir shop in is called The Bureau of Historical Investigation. As performers and trainers, writers and communicators, we have been inspired by Sara and Marissa and admire their weaving of entertainment and history. Sara has graciously helped us craft and hone some of the messages you see here at Sacred Return. Both The Bureau and Sacred Return give us fresh perspectives on the history and traditions that make up our points of view. We’ll continue to nurture and enjoy our connection with Sara and Marissa. We thank them for pointing the way.

Laurie PotterThe stirring work of Bellingham artist Laurie Potter hangs in both our homes. We each met Laurie through the Whatcom Artist Studio Tour several years ago and have been enchanted by her paintings. So it just seemed natural to ask if she would lend some of her artwork to illustrate Sacred Return. Laurie responded enthusiastically and you will find her evocative landscapes and creatures on our seasonal banner and throughout the Sacred Return site. We cherish her participation in our vision and our launch.  If you haven’t seen her online galleries, visit now! You’ll be transported and come away smiling. What’s on your walls, hmmm?