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Ginny here. Do you have an Easter basket hangover?

Spring enters with March winds, April showers, May flowers, baskets and bunnies and eggs. As the sap rises and the world turns green, our fancy turns to thoughts of….chocolate? Most definitely, and we’re not the first. The Easter basket is a tradition so familiar that it blurs the lines between popular culture and religious observance, between seasonal celebration and obsessive competition and it does it all in sculpted chocolate.

Chocolate was sacred to the Mayans who left us this prayer:

“Ixcacao, Goddess of Chocolate,
see my tears and come to my aid”

Because it always does make us feel better, doesn’t it? For good reasons both aesthetic and scientific. In the tradition of our neighbors to the south, do you prefer your chocolate sacred? If so, you can probably find it here.

Sometimes we resist and the power of chocolate is a discovery. Who can forget the brilliant Alfred Molina getting down in Chocolat? Great movie and I’ve always found this scene irresistible…chocolate AND French AND the mean guy getting his just desserts!

(and of course there’s Johnny Depp…I’m just sayin’).

I was reminded of a spoofy ritual from years ago and found a copy in my files—a hard copy, mind you, in print! But the internet did not fail me and here it is for your pleasure. What I remembered most was opening of each call to the four directions:

Mousse of the East, Fluffy One! Great prince of the Palace of Dessert! Fondue of the South,
Molten One! Great prince of the Palace of Decadence!
Cocoa of the West, Satisfying One! Great prince of the Palace of thirst!
Rocky Road of the North, Cold One! Great prince of the Palace of Crunchy!


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