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Ginny here. Do you have an Easter basket hangover?

Spring enters with March winds, April showers, May flowers, baskets and bunnies and eggs. As the sap rises and the world turns green, our fancy turns to thoughts of….chocolate? Most definitely, and we’re not the first. The Easter basket is a tradition so familiar that it blurs the lines between popular culture and religious observance, between seasonal celebration and obsessive competition and it does it all in sculpted chocolate.

Chocolate was sacred to the Mayans who left us this prayer:

“Ixcacao, Goddess of Chocolate,
see my tears and come to my aid”

Because it always does make us feel better, doesn’t it? For good reasons both aesthetic and scientific. In the tradition of our neighbors to the south, do you prefer your chocolate sacred? If so, you can probably find it here.

Sometimes we resist and the power of chocolate is a discovery. Who can forget the brilliant Alfred Molina getting down in Chocolat? Great movie and I’ve always found this scene irresistible…chocolate AND French AND the mean guy getting his just desserts!

(and of course there’s Johnny Depp…I’m just sayin’).

I was reminded of a spoofy ritual from years ago and found a copy in my files—a hard copy, mind you, in print! But the internet did not fail me and here it is for your pleasure. What I remembered most was opening of each call to the four directions:

Mousse of the East, Fluffy One! Great prince of the Palace of Dessert! Fondue of the South,
Molten One! Great prince of the Palace of Decadence!
Cocoa of the West, Satisfying One! Great prince of the Palace of thirst!
Rocky Road of the North, Cold One! Great prince of the Palace of Crunchy!



Ginny here. Na-CESS-are-ees. “I’ve gotta have that!” Jess and I began to talk about them when we saw the Han Solo Carbonite iPhone 5 Case posted on George Takai’s Facebook page. His comment was something like, “Shut up and take my money!” That’s the spirit of necessaries!

41m5Dvy7ZgLSometimes you’ve just gotta go for it without overthinking. We all have them, things you just don’t pass up. They can be small, spur of the moment things or they can become collections that we curate for years. Jess admits to Bellmira Herbaflor Herbal Bath (camomile, of course!) and Earl Grey De La Créme from Wonderland Tea. She’s also a sucker for used books. I know because sometimes we have to wrestle over a single $1.50 copy of a book by Charles de Lint or Simon Green or Diana Gabaldon.

BOOKSI never met a junque boutique (that’s giftier than junk shop) I didn’t like, for tarot images, ghost stories, scarves, teapots and all things Halloween. It could be worse and really strain the budget (not that it hasn’t). Could be designer shoes. Could be vintage luggage. Could be caviar and truffles.

If you’re a 30 Rock fan you can probably hear Liz Lemon saying, “I want to go to there.” Point and click and celebrate! Her must haves have made us laugh at ourselves through seven TV seasons.

Seasonal traditions and holidays give us some of the best opportunities to indulge in necessaries! Right now there’s a world of bunnies and chickens and eggs in whatever kind of chocolate makes you happy. More Star Wars? No problem.

51R8do3ATfLBaskets carry eggs in spring, sunflowers in summer, sheaves of wheat in autumn and golden orbs in winter. Yeah, that’s a palm tree on a sequined egg. I want to go to there.

I’m an Android (just a rumor!) so Han won’t fit my unfortunate phone, but that’s okay. I have the Queen Padmé Amidala cup from Taco Bell.

41UsNUw5YWLWhat are YOUR necessaries? Chocolate truffle hearts? A spicy coffee blend in the fall? Ambrosia at Thanksgiving? Sparklers for New Years? Trail mix with M&Ms for watching the August Perseid showers? Beach glass in that hard to find blue? Wassail in December? Matchbooks with place names? Old photographs or diaries? Jewelry with cats on it? Buttons or beads? Found lucky coins? Edged weapons?

Hmmm, Precious? Do tell…

The Ladies of V-Day Bellingham

Ginny here. Directing The Vagina Monologues and I’m overwhelmed by the talent in the room during last night’s rehearsal. We laughed and applauded and encouraged each other and laughed some more. We’re a group of sixteen women spanning 6 decades and it’s crazy and wonderful. Here they are!



The Journey of the Fool

Ginny here. At least I knew what I was getting into. At Equinox, when the Moonstruck hare struck me, I was amazed by the depth of the lore I found and I sank in, mesmerized. Today is the first of April, and the Fool is quite another matter. The trickster, the playful joker, the innocent wanderer is an archetype present in all cultures, in all stories. He wards off evil, bends the truth, makes us see things that aren’t there and shows us how to create a fresh start out of all beginnings. Think Court Jester, think Loki and The Joker, think Coyote and Fox, entertainment, surprises and mysteries. Think playfulness. More than anything, think…possibility.

April Fool’s Day. There are quite a few explanations of its origin but it seems certain that the break from normalcy, bringing perspective with humor, is what made it last…well, that and a new calendar in the 16th century that kept everyone guessing as to when holidays should be celebrated.

0-seekerIn the Tarot, the Fool is the card numbered zero because he is everything and nothing. He can become anything as he sets out on his journey to self-awareness. He launches himself into the void, steps off a precipice, ignores or embraces the instincts of his animal companion, and embarks on the journey of his life. In Joanna Powell Colbert’s beautiful Gaian Tarot, the Fool becomes the Seeker. The he pronoun is of course just for convenience; the Fool has no gender, just an insatiable appetite for new experience and for dispensing wisdom from humor, or simplicity, or madness. In this series of 10 articles, tarot expert Barbara Moore follows the Fool’s Journey through the Tarot.

The Fool shows up in every literary genre from Shakespeare to Science Fiction (Jayne is my favorite). in popular music from classic Beatles

to …more music, only slightly older.

C’mon, it doesn’t get any better than Sammy Davis, Jr. in 1962!

The Fool knows that to admit ignorance is the highest wisdom because that’s when you learn what you don’t know. He knows that every beginning is an opportunity. He knows that laughter keeps us moving, that taking ourselves too seriously is deadly and that a prank or two keeps us on our toes. He’s the blank slate where the answer to any question can be written. I’ve collected some images, some cards, some artwork, and a song or three that will help us along on this fool’s errand. Do you have any to add? Let’s dance! Happy April!