Welcome to Sacred Return

Fall…Winter…Spring…Summer. As each year turns, many of us yearn to connect with traditions and rituals that honor the milestones that mark the changing seasons. You know instinctively that celebration makes us participants, not observers, but most of us don’t have time to pull away from the modern world to search for inspiration. And you don’t have to! Welcome to Sacred Return where Myth, Magic, Ritual and Pop meet to celebrate!

Sacred Return brings kindred spirits together for festive workshops and events that explore the history, the folklore, the mythology, the stories that explain our traditions. The symbols and stories are still out there no matter our beliefs or background and popular culture holds meaningful starting places for us to create our own traditions. In baskets full of colorful eggs (and Darth Vader chocolate bunnies); in twinkling lights that make the darkness festive (and bendy bracelets so we can find each other); in braided bread (and Keebler elves), in fireworks and ragged scarecrows and sweets bestowed on children in masks; we can recognize our traditions, old and new. All it takes is awareness and intent and bingo!—you’re filled up with the spirit of each season!

We have hosted weekend-long retreats, afternoons of Tarot and facials, cocktail parties, and a production of The Vagina Monologues to help end violence against women.  This summer we’re taking a little break from events to revisit “The Plan” and decide what to bring to you next.

In the fall, we’ll invite you to join us again to reconnect with the traditions that accompany our passage through the year. We’ll reach back out in a couple of months with new offerings to keep Myth, Magic, Ritual and Pop meeting to celebrate. In the meantime, here are some thoughts on High Summer.